These Men Revealed What They Really Think About Women Carrying Condoms!

There are some things in the society that have been associated with a particular gender. Be it alcohol, cigarettes or condoms. In India, a man carrying any of these things will not attract attention, but a woman carrying any one of these things will raise thousands of eyebrows and give rise to a lot of gup-shup behind her back.


In a country where sex itself is considered taboo, it’d only be unfair on our part to expect anything from individuals who do not even remotely agree with the concept of sex before marriage. But time has changed, and so have some people. There are many who are having a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship or simply a casual affair, and these are the people who genuinely believe that physical connection is as important as emotional connect. Therefore, they also always believe in having safe sex, and thus make sure they carry a condom along with them.

But, just as these men have evolved, some women too have. These women care enuogh about themselves and hence, are bold enough to carry protection to avoid any uninvited problems. These women know that are curves on their bodies, sometimes more beautiful than their smiles, that men love, and that’s why they believe in carrying condoms. But, do our men look at women carrying condoms the same way they look at women who don’t? If you just said a ‘yes’ then you have to scroll down because that’s going to change.

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